Also, that EVGA video card, if I remember right, ran hotter and louder than any other brand of NVidia card I remember buying.

Thanks for the years of junk advertisements, EVGA! I'm so glad I registered a video card with you nearly a decade ago! Also, nothing is new about this shit, and it's barely 10% faster than the previous generation, which is still freaking overpriced to this day.

Geez, fuck off, Apple. I'm not replacing my fast, automated build system, with incremental rebuilding, with full GUI based Archive total recompilation for every little change I make, involving a bunch of mousing around multiple dialogs, just to export a binary and upload it to Apple, to ask the Apple overlords to review it, just so I can have an acceptable co-signature. Unless someone knows a nice way I can add this to my Ruby automation script.

friendly reminder that jen-hsun huang (CEO of nvidia) and lisa su (CEO of AMD) are related

Cool! We got someone else's voter guide booklet in the mail, from blocks away, which also lists their polling place. We didn't get our guides, either.

Hey, anybody else remember the skeuomorphic thumbwheel volume controls in QuickTime 3? I sure as hell do. How could I forget something that stupid?

everyone who thinks like this should be lobotomized

Aha, Thanks to Ask Ubuntu, I found the source of the problem: I needed to comment out the line in /etc/pulse/ that loads module-role-cork, and issue pactl unload-module module-role-cork. Apparently, it's supposed to mute media streams when you're doing communications crap, a feature I always turn off in Windows, too. Except in PulseAudio, it seems to randomly mute streams when just any system sound is issued. They need to Fix That.

The notification sounds from favoriting this toot also mute my Spotify, lol.

Cool! New KDE 5 features I didn't want! Now it's capable of sending mute signals to other audio playing applications whenever another application starts playing audio! It doesn't send a pause notification, either, just mutes them! This includes system beeps muting Spotify, YouTube muting Spotify, Discord disconnect/connect sounds muting Spotify, etc.

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someone is going to h*ck for this
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Imagine A Christmas Carol but instead of three ghosts a miserly :delibird:​ gets visited by three borbs. :hoothoot:​ :natu:​ :rowlet:​

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